Monday, May 26, 2014

UF Competition Policy Workshop

Long time no post.  I'm using this medium to announce the schedule for the University of Florida's Competition Policy Workshop on June 4.  This is a university-wide workshop put on jointly by the Department of Economics and the School of Law.

I want to thank Danny Sokol and Roger Blair--the organizers of this mini conference--for allowing me to be a part of the discussion.  I encourage those in the UF community to attend.  I know I will be learning a lot from my colleagues.

I will be speaking about the competition between teams within pro sports leagues and across pro sports leagues as it applies to cross-border fandom.  This talk will cover much of what is in my most recent paper at the Journal of Sports Economics with Mark Rosentraub.  It will also extend the work to cross-sport competition for Canadian fans with respect to the Buffalo Bills.  This extension is joint work with Jason Winfree (University of Idaho), Mark Rosentraub (University of Michigan), and a graduate student, Ekaterina Sorokina (University of Central Florida).

It should be fun, and I hope we will have a large and active audience!

June 4 - UF Competition Policy Workshop 120 Hough Hall 8:45am-5pm
8:45am to 9am meet and greet and welcome remarks.
9am - Danny Sokol - Levin College of Law
9:45am - Gwen Lee - Management, Warrington College of Business
10:30am - Roger Blair- Economics, Warrington College of Business
11:15 - Wentong Zheng - Levin College of Law
Lunch 12pm-1pm
Brian Mills - Sports Management, College of Health and Human Performance
1:45pm - William Page - Levin College of Law
2:30pm - Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay - Information Systems and Operations Management, Warrington College of Business
3:15pm - Allyson Hall - Health Management, College of Public Health
4pm - Paul Duncan - Health Management, College of Public Health
Everyone will present for 20 minutes. We will then have  20 minutes of discussion and a five minute break between papers to stretch legs.
Come and see what UF researchers are doing as it relates to competition policy!