Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduate Student Research Assistant Position in Sports Economics

I am currently looking to fill an opening for a graduate student research assistant here at the University of Florida beginning in the Fall semester of 2014.  The student should have interest in topics relating to Sports Economics as well as a strong quantitative background.  The position will include tuition remission and a stipend renewable for up to four years.

The deadline for applying to this position is March 1, 2014.

For more information on this position and how to apply, please see this flyer.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revisiting Umpire Discrimination: New Paper at JSE

Two colleagues (Scott Tainsky and Jason Winfree) and I have a new paper just posted online at the Journal of Sports Economics.  We revisit the findings of Parsons et al. from 2011 (though, the working version of their paper caught press much earlier than this).  The paper was rather controversial and claimed important influences of umpires on game outcomes based on race.

Our paper uses a different data set and looks to replicate the findings from the original AER paper.  We were able to replicate the original findings from their provided data and code, but find odd uses of fixed effects are at the root of some of the findings.  A large majority of the paper looks at the robustness of the results, and implements Pitch F/X data to empirically derive the edge of the strike zone.  At best, the results initially presented in AER are mixed based on our analysis and re-analysis.

One thing to note is that the main interest of the Parsons et al. paper was not baseball.  The point was that detecting discrimination could be influenced by others that impact the performance of those of a given race (i.e. umpires in this context).  This point is still well taken, and makes up the most important contribution.  In fact, this is why the paper was published in the prestigious journal American Economic Review.

The link directly to the paper and abstract are below.  Unfortunately it is gated.  However, I am going to double-check my rights for including a link on my personal page (usually OK, but journals can sometimes be a pain on this issue).  If you have access, feel free to send along questions or comments to my email address or leave them in the comments.  Please make these comments and/or criticism constructive.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Times Change, Or Why Steroids Don't Ruin Baseball for Me

Just a list of links without commentary other than this: I honestly don't care about the Steroid Debate beyond making clear how stupid it is.

Mantle Corked His Bat (insert asterisk here, right...right?)

Athletes Have Gotten Better, Mostly Without Steroids (imagine that!)

The Hall of Fame is Biased (well, I never!)