Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sab-R-Metrics Data Links

For those of you still visiting this website to practice your R skills using my Sab-R-Metrics series, I want to let you know that the data sets are no longer available at the links provided in each article.  I have moved my personal website off of the University of Michigan servers (finally) now that I am at Florida, and that site had hosted the data sets for the posts.  Unfortunately, I do not have time to go back through and re-link all of the data.

Nearly all of the data I used should be publicly accessible and you can modify the code for your own data formats.  If you are dying to get a hold of the original data files, please send me an email or note in this post what you are looking for.  I will see what I can do on a person by person basis.

While posting is sparse at this blog these days, it is still something I would like to get back to in the future.  Don't think I have completely abandoned my post.

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