Friday, April 12, 2013

Brawling Costs Teams Money

I honestly don't know where to begin with the stupidity involved in this:

This idiocy cost the Dodgers a whole lot of money.  If I were running the team, I would at the very least seek legal counsel in order to evaluate the chance of getting some of Grienke's contract dollars back.  Yes, MLB contracts are guaranteed.  But he was injured because he assaulted someone.  Unpaid suspensions happen for PED users, so there must be some way to reconcile this.  Has there been any precedent to this sort of thing?  I don't see this behavior as assumed risk on the part of the Dodgers, though I guess one could argue that their supervisors (i.e. Mattingly) could have prevented it.

Grienke claims he did not mean to hit him.  Sure.  The catcher was set up outside and Grienke is a Cy Young contender.  Spots don't get missed like that.

Lest we forget the impact on the individual 2-1 game itself.  San Diego tied it up in that inning.  While it ended up in favor of the Dodgers, that's not something I want my players flirting with after spending over $200 million on them.

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