Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yet Another Hall of Fame Paper

Browsing around some journals this morning, and came across another paper looking to predict Hall of Fame election (using vote counts).  This analysis is a little more sophisticated than some previous ones I have seen in the economic literature.  I haven't gone through it too carefully, but I know there would be some interest from those who visit here every once in a while.

As I have mentioned before, my colleague, Steve Salaga, and I have a similar type of paper in JQAS.  However, we don't look at vote counts, so there are limited conclusions to be made from that.  Our paper really is only interested in whether certain players were snubbed based specifically on the BBWAA's previous standards.  This is very different from who is "deserving" from a pure performance and value sense.  Just something to always remind people when reading these papers from the academic standpoint.

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