Thursday, May 17, 2012

Upcoming NASSM Presentation

Just a quick announcement that next week I will be in Seattle, Washington for the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) Conference.  It is my first time to Seattle, so any suggestions on things to do and places to go would be appreciated.  I am definitely going to at least one Mariners game, so no need to suggest that!

This conference is probably of significantly less interest to readers here than that of the Western Economic Association meetings or any sports statistics conference.  However, there are some interesting economics-based research projects being presented (specifically on the first day, Thursday, May 24).  The full program schedule can be found here.

My office-mate, Mike Cantor, and I will be presenting some preliminary looks at thinking about demand analysis in the Sports Economics literature and operationalizing variables to better assess market conditions and stadium success.  The link to the abstract can be found below:

Defining Available Wealth and Its Impact on Demand for Attendance in Major League Baseball: Home Values, Local Population Density and Stadium Placement
by Michael Cantor, Brian Mills and Mark Rosentraub

If you happen to be in Seattle, come and stop by if you'd like (or suggest a beer-drinking place to meet).

Other works of interest from Michiganders and friends below:

Revenue Sharing with Heterogeneous Investments in Sports Leagues
by Steve Salaga, Alan Ostfield and Jason Winfree

The MLB draft: Training and employment outcomes
by Steve Salaga

A portfolio of partners for good?: Examining how perceptions of sport organizations' CSR partners affects willingness to donate to CSR initiatives
by Seung Pil Lee, Kathryn Heinze, and T. Bettina Cornwell

Measurement-based leverage of cause-oriented sports sponsorship
by Seung Pil Lee, T. Bettina Cornwell, and Kathy Babiak

Examining general managers in the North American professional sport context: Upper echelons as drivers of performance
by Matthew Juravich and Kathy Babiak

The effect of game uncertainty on demand for postseason games
by Scott Tainsky, Jie Xu, and Yilun Zhou

Heuristic cues and perceived product value: Effects of priming, team-brand cue and product category
by Dae Hee Kwak, Choonghoon Lim, and Youngbum Kwon

From human cockfighting to legitimate sport: Politicians weigh in on MMA
by Carla Santos, Scott Tainsky, K. Alexander Schmidt, and Chang Sup Sum

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