Thursday, September 1, 2011

Forthcoming Guest Post at StatDNA

For those few of you that frequent this blog, you've probably noticed a scarce amount of posting lately. I've been working on a number of things, including finishing my dissertation. My adviser tells me I need to learn how to say "No" when people ask me about working on new projects, but as of yet I have not learned this well enough. Unfortunately, this has meant saying "No" a bit more to blogging.

Nevertheless, one of the projects I was working on had to do with the StatDNA competition advertised here. Dave Allen and I had planned on having some fun and putting some things together (along with some possible guidance from Soccernomics author and new Michigan Sport Management arrival, Stefan Szymanski), but alas all of us were a bit crunched on time.

Because of that, I wrote up a more simple blog post on some fiddling I had been doing with the StatDNA data (which is pretty awesome). While it did not qualify as a contest entry, the StatDNA blog will be posting it up along with the contest entrants. I'll wait for them to post, but as a preview it is the beginning of developing a sort of Wins Created metric while accounting for the spatial location of events in the game.

There is still much work to do--and this was only the preliminary model--but I found it a lot of fun and Jaeson Rosenfeld found it interesting enough to include on the blog. Once it is officially posted, I will be sure to link things here. Congratulations to the winner, Sarah Rudd, and her paper titled "Modeling Possessions in Soccer Using Markov Chains"...a paper that is likely way over my head. I look forward to reading it, though!

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