Friday, September 9, 2011

Fail Post: Failure in Baseball Knowledge

A couple weeks ago on the plane back to Ann Arbor, I decided to open up Sky Mall and found the following:

I actually laughed out loud on the plane. Let's treat this as a Highlights Magazine game where you circle all the things wrong with this picture. You'd think that a well-known company like Steiner could do a little more research before putting this joke of an ad in a magazine.

Let's begin with the heading for this area: Future Stars. No complaints about Troy Tulowitzki, and Austin Jackson is reasonable. But Tulo isn't a start of the future, he's a star now. Chase Headley pushes the limit of naming someone a "Future Superstar". But I could live with that.

Answer key below:

Rick Porcello, Tigers Ace? Nearly 37 year-old RA Dickey a future star? Jeff Francouer, future star and ultimate clutch hitter? Hmmmm.

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