Monday, August 8, 2011

Request for Data (NHL Attendance)

This is a pleading, begging request for some help in collection of some data. I am working on a project looking at franchise-level hockey attendance for a chapter of my dissertation but for the life of me can't find certain years for certain teams. If anyone has the data below, I would be forever grateful to have your assistance. I need season-level attendance data by franchise.

I will even give you a mention in the acknowledgements of my dissertation so that you can live forever in print version in the dusty U of M Kinesiology dissertation library!

Anyway, below is what is needed. If you have anything, please let me know (bmmillsy AT umich DOT edu):

Boston Bruins: 1967-1971

Chicago Blackhawks: 1967-1972 and 1975-1983

Montreal Canadiens: 1967-1972 and 1975 to 1988

New York Rangers: 1967-1972 and 1975-1988

Toronto Maple Leafs: 1967-1972 and 1975-1987

And if you happen to run across it, any attendance data from before 1963, but that's not totally necessary (just always nice to have extra data). If anyone knows WHY these data are missing from just about everywhere possible, I'd also be interested in hearing that.


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