Friday, July 29, 2011

Joint Statistical Meetings in Miami

I am headed off to Miami for the 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings on Sunday. I'll have a poster to present with a fellow graduate student and look forward to experiencing a new conference with a very different bunch than I normally interact with professionally (though, closer to those I interact with online). If you're going to be attending, stop by the Section in Sports Contributed Poster Session and see our poster. The poster investigates Hockey Hall of Fame voting patterns (skaters only) and the possibility of language-based bias. Long story short is that we don't find much, but there is more to do and that does not necessarily mean nothing is happening.

While the meetings are for statistics in all disciplines, there is a lot on sports there. Phil Birnbaum will be presenting some of his findings with respect to race and strike calling (and there is an additional poster on the topic) and Shane Jensen will be giving a roundtable talk on fielding metrics. Check out the full sports program here.

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