Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Off to NASSM in Canada

Today I am off to the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in London, Ontario. While the group seems to have really missed the ball on the location (sorry guys and gals, but come on) I am excited to attend. This will be my first time at this conference and I am looking forward to the experience. If you are going to be there, I'd love to meet you. If you're in town, feel free to come on by my presentations. I have two, for which I have provided titles below (click the link for the abstract). The first presentation is Thursday at 8:30 am, while the second one is Friday at 8:45 am. Looks like I get to be the early bird all week...

Major League Baseball Franchise Attendance and the Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis
Brian Mills and Rodney Fort

Public Investment in Sports Facilities: Who Really Pays and the Implications for Progressive Taxation
Mark Rosentraub, Brian Mills, Michael Cantor and Jason Winfree

I will be presenting the first one on my own, while fellow graduate student Michael Cantor and I will be presenting the second one. Also look for these from our department (and one from a graduate of our department currently working at Illinois, Scott Tainsky):

Effects of Personal Involvement and Expert Information on Fantasy Sports Consumers’ Winning Expectancy and Anticipated Emotion
Dae Hee Kwak and Joon Sung Lee

Demand for Individual Sports: Estimating Pay-Per-View Buyrates for the Ultimate Fighting Championship
Scott Tainsky, Steve Salaga and Carla Santos

Gratitude toward Sponsors: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Examination
Yu Kyoum Kim, Robert Smith and Dae Hee Kwak

NCAA Football and the Invariance Proposition
Steve Salaga and Rodney Fort

Athlete Philanthropy: Motives, Drivers and Intentions
Seung Pil Lee, Kathryn Heinze, Kathy Babiak and Matt Juravich

Measuring the Contribution of Sport to Society: Social Capital, Collective Identities, Health Literacy, Well-being and Human Capital
Seung Pil Lee, T. Bettina Cornwell and Kathy Babiak

Quite a showing from our growing department!


  1. I agree with you about London. Geez, what were they thinking?

    If you were one hour away instead of six, I might have come to your presentation. Try Ottawa next time! :)

  2. I'd love to check out Ottawa. Next year is Seattle, so hopefully they put together something nice for that. The conference is not particularly quantitative, though.