Thursday, May 5, 2011

Andrew Gelman for Baseball ProGUESTus

Today, the Baseball ProGUESTus post up is by Andrew Gelman thinking back on the lessons in statistics from Bill James. An interesting read. B-Pro is getting people that I hadn't expected to participate. Each week, it looks more and more like they got me for the bottom of the barrel when they didn't have someone famous to write.

If you don't know this already, Gelman's blog is on my sidebar. I enjoy reading his blog and he occasionally comments on sports, but it's mostly Bayesian statistics and political stuff. Every time I am there I learn something. I've cited his book (with Jennifer Hill) here a few times during sab-R-metrics posts and will do so in the next few as well. Definitely check out his BP piece.

Also, I'll have a new sab-R-metrics post up later today or tomorrow. Finally! Sorry for the delay.

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