Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gauging Interest: 2012 Keeper League

So I know it's a bit early--and I'm probably nuts to start up a new keeper league as commissioner in the last semester of my dissertation writing next year--but this is something I've wanted to do for a while.

BUT, I'd love to gauge some interest in a keeper league that will start up in 2012. I'm looking for very serious players who are willing to invest about $350 into the league each year (don't worry, if you have the worst team in the league, it's likely you won't lose more than $120). The reason the fee is so high is that you pay your own auction salary.

As of now, I'm envisioning this as an 8x8 Head-to-Head Each Category league with a $300 cap and minor league players. 6 Keepers per year (plus minor league keepers), Rule 5 drafts, contracts, the works. Sessions will be 2 weeks long, rather than one, and there will be playoffs. 20 teams. You get paid a certain amount for each category win throughout the season (so you're paid marginally based on overall record).

I have linked my current league constitution here.
(Warning: It's a doozie. 8,500 words on 16 pages).

I'd do things through League Safe, assuming they can handle the complex payout structure. Otherwise, I'll figure something out. The rules are currently not particularly negotiable (with a couple exceptions). Why? Because this constitution is based off a 6-year running league that has run into numerous problems. Each rule in the constitution is there for a specific and important reason that I have had experience with. That doesn't mean that I won't entertain suggestions, but once the league starts, rules cannot be revisited until the next offseason.

Anyone interested please stick your email in the comments with your fantasy experience, expertise, or current field of employment (I'd like to get a mix of strategies) and/or shoot me an email (bmmillsy at umich dot edu).

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