Monday, January 17, 2011

New Post: Fantasy Ball Junkie

Hopefully, posts will start picking back up over at Fantasy Ball Junkie. My most recent post (with the help of Eriq) is up, discussing ways to outsmart your friends in fantasy.

These days, fantasy valuation is all over the internet. It is a world where all owners have the same information about how to value their players. Therefore, this means that standard fantasy leagues are mostly decided by luck and time spent scouring the waiver wire (no matter what Mr. Ambrosino likes to believe about his high-stakes fantasy leagues ;-) ). Not much to brag about there, really. Unless you are playing with low-skilled guys that don't pay much attention, the idea that you must just be that much better than everyone else in your league is an illusion (similar to that of a sports better that thinks he can beat the books or a Wall Street day trader...yeah I said it).

There is one place, however, that you can use your wits to win at fantasy: taking advantage of rules structures and inefficiencies that many valuation systems may not account for.

This is pretty straight forward, but often overlooked. You always want to be sure to study your rules and look for places you can exploit an advantage. Over the next few posts, I'll discuss some ways to game the rules and league structures that you may play in, and also later on talk about designing a fantasy league that keeps problems in the rules structure from happening. These anomalies that you can take advantage of are most present in custom leagues, where league commissioners don't think about a certain aspect of the rules that may drastically affect how players can be used (hopefully, you are the only person that picks up on these problems).

Go check it out.

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