Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Links for Now

Been quite busy of late now that I'm teaching and working on so many different projects (too many). I might try and get some more posts this fall, hopefully using the Pitch F/X plots that I've been working on (previewed in my last post). I've gotten some solid feedback on those, but would like to be able to generalize the smoothScatter function to use a loess, rather than JUST density (though, I can think of ways to restructure the data to simply use the kernel function instead). Anyway, check these out:

1. Jason at IIATMS has a good post about using maple bats in MLB. If you hadn't heard, Tyler Colvin is in the hospital for a while, as doctors are using preventative measures to keep his lung from collapsing after a broken bat punctured his chest. From what I know, these Bat Gloves don't reduce the performance of the bats, so they really should be used. Of course, this is a freak accident, but if there is no trade-off in performance, then I don't see the problem.

2. The Freakonomics blog has a great post about innovation. It uses the context of designing offensive football plays. But the final paragraph is my favorite, making sure everyone understands that patent and copyright law should differ depending on the industry. Often times, innovations are treated the same, which isn't necessarily best. It raises a great debate in that interests me particularly outside of sport.

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