Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trading for Speed in H2H Fantasy Leagues

As a followup to my last article at FBJ, I took a look at the distributions of weekly totals for Stolen Bases to gauge win expectancies in the SB category in H2H fantasy baseball formats. The study is again pretty simple, as I just subtract one hypothetical player and add another to each team in one of my more competitive public ESPN 10-team Roto leagues. Turns out Matt Kemp was more valuable than Adrian Gonzalez: not much of a surprise. Right now, it's tough to extrapolate values beyond players that have equal ability in categories outside HR and SB, given that other things come with HR (RBI, R, some AVG). I'm hoping to get to the next few categories in my next post and be able to give some sort of valuation story for H2H, and how that differs from Roto valuations. It may be that our Roto values are perfectly fine for evaluating players for H2H. I'm not really sure, but I don't know of anywhere that's specifically looked at how category variance really plays a role in Head-to-Head league outcomes and players.

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