Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Marlins Once Again Prove They Are The Thriftiest Team in MLB

Apparently the Florida Marlins found themselves a new marketing opportunity: selling replica tickets of unsold seats at the Roy Halladay perfect game. Leave it to the Marlins to make some extra dough off another team's success. I think it's a great idea, but I feel bad for the people that were actually there. If there really is a significant market for these things, and I had attended the game, I'd probably be one that wants to sell the ticket ($100, SURE take it). I don't know what they'll actually sell for on the open market (for example, on eBay), but the fact that the Marlins are also selling them will almost certainly bring down the price that fans could fetch for them when selling to collectors. The tickets are being sold for face value, I think, with front row seats going for more than bleacher ones. I would actually LOVE to get my hands on that sales data, because (as Tango notes), I'm not sure what getting a front row ticket has above a bleacher ticket when you're not actually attending the game...unless maybe you enjoy telling fake stories to your friends.

It's certainly a good move on the Marlins part to seize yet another way to make some profit. They can't sell the tickets to actually see their games, but why not find another way to sell them. You never know when someone will be throwing a perfect game. It's not like Barry Bonds's 756th Home Run or Cal Ripken, Jr.'s 2131st consecutive game. There's demand for collectibles, and the teams in MLB should take every advantage of it that they can (but, of course, make sure to heed the lesson learned by the baseball card industry in recent years).

Hat Tip: The Book Blog

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