Monday, May 24, 2010

RIP Jose Lima: Forever Living in Fantasy Owners' Hearts

It's been reported that former MLB pitcher Jose Lima died of a heart attack Sunday at only 37 years old. While he didn't have a Hall of Fame career, Lima will always be remembered for a few reasons. First, everyone simply loves to say "Lima Time!". The guy was intense out there, and that's always fun to watch. He had a career losing record, despite winning 21 games in 1999 after putting up 16 in 1998.

Fantasy players will forever remember Jose Lima if for no other reason than the popular strategy named for him: LIMA (Low Investment Mound Aces). It's interesting that this year the LIMA strategy seems have been a good bet to currently sit atop your fantasy league. With pitchers like Phil Hughes, Shaun Marcum, CJ Wilson, Colby Lewis, and others dominating the Major Leagues, the strategic salute to Jose Lima's monster 1999 season should prove to be a long-lived one.

Many players have had nice things to say about Lima as a mentor as well, and that's an even more important reason to remember the colorful pitcher. It's a shame that someone who everyone loved watching out on the mound, and someone who provided support for his teammates and colleagues, had to go so early. I send my condolences to his family.

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