Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Pontiac Silverdome and Other Links

So, this is a little late, but it looks like the Pontiac Silverdome will host 8 events this year. The ownership is still in question, as the auction process that sold the arena(stadium) for 1% of its 1975 construction price seems to be done in quite a sketchy manner. But the Canadian group that owns it is at least doing something with it. Given the needed upgrades and $1.5 million yearly costs of just keeping the thing standing, I'm not sure how they plan on making a profit through Monster Truck Rallies and some concert by an Indian film composer (huh?). But I guess they have some plans. The place has been an albatross for Michigan before its firesale, so at least it's on these Canadians if the thing goes broke now. Still, the city got peanuts for the land and stadium. Seems like that land could be put to better use if they tore the thing down.

Lance Armstrong has again been accused of using performance enhancing drugs by Floyd Landis. Landis is the epitome of a massive prick, and that's coming from me (someone who really doesn't care about steroid use in sports). To all of this, I say: Yeah...probably true. There's plenty of reason to believe Armstrong has used PEDs during his career, beginnig with the fact that pretty much everyone does it in cycling. That doesn't mean he DID use them, and it's difficult to prove a negative, but I have my doubts. I had the chance to meet in person one of Armstrong's former teammates, and he admitted his own PED use (he had already done this pulicly). Since a lot of people consider the cycling a sort of team sport, shouldn't that nullify Armstrongs wins anyway? I mean really. Why isn't this discussed at all?

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