Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Stuff on the Sidebar

I just wanted to refer anyone who frequents this site (that's you, Mom) that I added a few new websites to my sidebar.

The first is called Rational Pastime (which is now my favorite baseball blog name). It's in a similar vein (vane, vain?) to which I began this blog. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up with analyzing news/economic stuff with sport. Rational Pastime does a good job of it, and I hope to start up again now that it's summertime.

The second link is It's All About the Money, Stupid. Certainly not a new blog, but I enjoy the posts over there and do not want to leave it out.

Finally is a blog I had never heard of, but certainly should have. It's called "It's a Swing and a Miss". The blog is run by Kristi Dosh, who is apparently a baseball expert. And a "Miss". She has some refreshing looks at baseball and law, and is certainly holding her own in what has been a man's world. Great stuff over there.


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  2. Someone pointed me this way when they saw the mention of me and my site. Thanks so much for adding me to the sidebar! Much appreciated!

    I'll definitely be checking out your site.

    Thanks - Kristi Dosh

  3. Thanks for the comments, Kristi and J-Doug. Definitely like the discussions of competitive balance on both of your blogs, as that's a pretty strong focus of my current research. Probably won't post a lot of in-depth analysis on that here, but hope to pick up the commentary shortly with the summer months coming along.