Friday, May 14, 2010

Fantasy Teams Update

So, this is mostly for myself (so I know where I stand at this point in the season when I look back on it and the moves I make). I would suggest not reading it, but it's nice to know my team looks very good in the Razzball Commentor League Standings as of today:

Sitting at the 7 Spot isn't too bad, considering I have Brad Hawpe sitting around on my DL, and Prince Fielder and Ben Zobrist haven't even started hitting yet.

Anyway, here you go, me.

FBAL Keeper League (20-team Auction Keeper):
1st in Division at 21-11, up 10-6 with a chance to win big this session.

H2H Points Private Pay League (12-team Snake):
1st in Record (6-0), 1st in Points, and 1st in Breakdown Record. Currently winning this session 300-248.

Razzball Commentor League (12-team Snake):
1st place with 95.5 Roto Points (2nd Place has 74)

12-Team Public ESPN (Auction):
1st Place with 89.5 Roto Points (2nd Place has 76.5)

10-Team Public ESPN Champions League "Winners Circle" (Auction):
3rd Place with 68.5 Roto Points (1st Place has 74.5)

10-Team Public ESPN Champions League "Los Angeles" (Snake):
1st Place with 68 Roto Points (2nd Place has 66.5)

10-Team Public ESPN Champions League "Colorado" (Auction):
1st Place with 90 Roto Points (2nd Place has 64.5)

10-Team Public ESPN H2H Categories League (Snake):
Tried an all-reliever strategy here, but have run into some bad luck with hitting injuries (Nelson Cruz and Jimmy Rollins), as well as bad matchups (losing WHIP and ERA categories to sub-1.0 totals by the other team!). Should pick up soon, and public league waiver wires are pretty easy to crush:
3rd in Division at 23-23-4 (1st in Division is 29-17-4)

10-Team Public CBS Roto Leauge (Snake):
Had a slow start, but now 3rd Place with 66 Roto Points (1st Place has 70)

10-Team Public CBS Roto Plus League (Snake):
This ended up being an autodraft team, as I had plans randomly come up. Started out terribly hitting-wise (as I showed in a previous post). Been steadily improving:
3rd Place with 53 Points (1st Place has 61.5)

So, there we have it. Pretty solid start to the season, and I'd argue that my hitters on almost all teams are underperforming right now...but then again I'm biased toward who I like. Adam Lind and Josh Beckett are killing me in my Keeper League, but I've been able to hold on thus far.

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