Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Most Beautiful Sight for an Owner...Kind Of

I was looking through my team lineups today trying to play matchups for my pitchers, and looking for a spot to stick Ricky Nolaco in for the coming week against the Padres. This is a league that I unfortnately signed up for but had something come up for the draft, and ultimately was left with an autodraft team. The autodraft I had went extremely hitting heavy (this is a CBS Plus league, so no average, just OBP, SLG, R and RBI for hitters, while K's are missing for pitchers, ultimately a 4x4 league). Unfortunately, it decided to draft Grady Sizemore, who I can't stand as a fantasy player, among some other incredibly slow starters. Needless to say, the hitting isn't currently living up to standards, with 9 players batting under .225 (good thing it's not a batting average league):

Kurt Suzuki
Mark Teixeira
Brandon Phillips
Alexei Ramirez
Adam Dunn
Grady Sizemore
Justin Upton
Carlos Lee
Chris Coghlan

Now, in a league like this, that should be a lot of firepower to go along with the likes of Votto, Holliday, Werth, Sandoval and Wieters. But I'm going to have to be pretty patient, as 6 of them are below or well-below the Mendoza Line.

Anyway, I was pretty disappointed with how things went with the autopick for my usual pitching strategy here, as for 4x4 leagues without K's, I generally go hitting heavy and punt W's. Loading up on relievers and some save guys can get you 3 of the 4 categories easily (SV, ERA, WHIP). Unfortunately, the autodraft only snatched up some mid-level SPs in the 10 team draft, and only Carlos Marmol, Brad Lidge and Kerry Wood as closers (YIKES!). I did some serious revamping from the deep 10-team waiver wire, snatching up some top tier relievers like Matt Thornton and Daniel Bard, while also grabbing saves with Kevin Gregg, Dotel and Chris Perez (dropped Perez) and today I looked at my staff's stats (sorry for the blurriness, Blogger sucks). What the hell do I do with Ricky Nolasco!?!:

So what does this all mean? It's a beautiful site on the pitching side, but definitely signals some regression in the future. On the hitting side, I'm in line to jump up the boards VERY quickly, considering I'm still middle of the pack with my lineup. Those 9 guys above are mostly some serious hitters, and I expect the sub-Mendoza pattern to change soon. So, it could be that things just even out, and I end up with a mediocre at best autodraft team. Or, CBS is genius, and knew exactly which pitchers would be lights out like this all season. Only time will tell.

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