Monday, February 8, 2010

Why I Hate CBS Sports

They actually posted this on their MLB Front Page!!!! The comments are even worse. Here is my favorite:

"Pujols = God...Everyone Else = Pheasants"

Pheasants? Really? Good analogy? Everyone else is a flightless bird. The worst part is that this 'fanpost' is actually better than most of their staff writers. Their 'projections' are laughable, and most are simple 3-year averages for HR, RBI, etc.

Granted, I guess I'm biased since last year they allowed Mike Freeman to take a comment I had about him chastising Alex Rodriguez--for working with an anti-steroids charity after his admission--and ACTUALLY CALL ME AN "Ass Kisser" in the text of the article. Freeman's thesis was that no one should give A-Rod a second chance like that and his word is worth zero...what some people may not know is Freeman epitomizes the 'second chance'. It's not worth posting here, just look it up on Google. God I wish we didn't use their fantasy platform for my league, I hate giving them $9 every year...

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