Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Possible Granderson Trade

ESPN is reporting that the Yankees, Diamondbacks, and Tigers are close to a deal. This definitely makes sense for the Yankees and Tigers, but I don't understand why the Diamondbacks are interested. In the deal the Diamondbacks send away Max Scherzer and a pitching prospect (their 2008 1st Round Draft Pick) for Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy. Kennedy seems to be past his 'prospect' status, and Jackson was a huge breakout last year who slowed considerably toward the end of the season.

With Brandon Webb coming back and Dan Haren in the rotation, is starting pitching really a concern for the Diamondbacks? Scherzer, in my opinion, has one of the best arms in the game for a young prospect, and is under control for a while. He's only one year younger than Jackson, but has a much better strikeout rate. Both gave up a lot of home runs last year. Not that I've done any sort of in depth analysis, but I don't really understand this move on Arizona's part. Yes, Davis and Garland are gone, but they have a 3 man front that most teams can only dream about, with the third under significant cost control. Haren-Webb-Scherzer sounds pretty good to me. At least good enough that paying Edwin Jackson a bunch of money for a marginally better performance than Scherzer doesn't seem right. Kennedy can't be a serious contender for a rotation spot at this point.

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