Thursday, December 24, 2009

FBJ Cross Post

My newest article is up over at Fantasy Ball Junkie. It's a simplified version of my previous explanation of a fantasy baseball model (H2H) based on MRP of each team, rather than large discrepancies in tournament-type payouts (though, that part of it can still be kept in tact).

UPDATE: Apparently someone has hacked the Fantasy Ball Junkie Site. I'm really not sure how worthless your day needs to be to feel that hacking a fantasy baseball blog is worth your time. But, alas, if you click on the link above it won't take you to anything right now. Our editor is out of town, so it might be about New Years when it's fixed up. I'll post here when everything is working right.

UPDATED UPDATE: Looks like FBJ is back on track. Should be some good posts coming in the New Year.

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