Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trying to Keep Up

It's been one of those weeks and the Holidays sure aren't helping get things done. I have much of a new post written up here...hopefully a bit less brash than the one that seemed to get a bunch of attention. Also, we should have a new Fantasy Ball Junkie post up soon. Here's a couple links:

Pizza Cutter describes how thinking about baseball and sabermetrics influenced how he thought about his academic work in Psychology. A fun story. My feeling is that using interesting topics, especially sports ones, would help the nitty gritty of statistical become less daunting for even the undergraduate level class. In fact, I remember a recent NSF Grant awarded to some professors studying just that.

Phil Birnbaum has more on aging over at Sabermetric Research Blog. I'm curious to hear the next post, as the aging question is an interesting one to me. Each of the methods I've seen used have bias problems--which are unavoidable for the most part--and I think it's still a fairly fruitful line of sports research (especially when thinking about heterogeneous aging across "types" of players).

The Sports Economist has an interesting link about negative intangible externalities from sports. It's an interesting take on the issue, though Rod Fort feels the article is a bit one-sided (comments section). I guess we should all remember that people are "reading and quoting".

That's all for now. Apparently I'm supposed to hang out with my family.

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