Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Fantasy" Announcement

I mentioned the other day that I had a forthcoming announcement to make here. Well here it goes.

I'm now writing a column at The Fantasy Ball Junkie that incorporates simple economic thinking into fantasy sports, league rules and outcomes, along with other things that can cause problems when leagues are designed and run. The first post of "Weird Science" is up here. I essentially argue that the common auction format used in fantasy sports rewards craftiness, rather than preparation and evaluation. While I think both are fun, the basis for fantasy was originally to reward the top evaluator and roster builder. My main interest lies in the fact that FAAB auctions are run differently. There are a lot of interesting corrollaries in real-life auctions that I could go into, but may save that for another time. The article lays out the basic argument, and proposes something new for people to think about when designing their league.

We hope to have the column over there be semi-regular (weekly commitments are tough for me given my other obligations--a.k.a. slave duties to Michigan faculty). I think it will be fun. I'll be sure to link there at this site whenever a new column is up. I'd also suggest checking out the other content there. It's a great resource to have when it comes to strategy and there are some really smart people running the site.

ADDENDUM: Be sure to read the comments section, as there are two very important corrections to the article. The presentation of the ideas was unclear, and I made a mistake by not going through the editing process as carefully as I should have. They're easy fixes though, and are up in the comments section.

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