Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Healthcare Through the Lens of Major League Baseball?

I've been busy today with the first day of classes and putting together some paperwork for advancement so I'll toss it up to Craig Calcaterra at Shysterball who provides a link to a discussion of healthcare regulation. This is an issue that I have some opinions about, but won't discuss here. A sports blog isn't the place.

The fact that the analogy is Major League Baseball is the only reason for its posting. That and because I get to add "Stupidity" to the Keyword Labels at the bottom of the post.

This article, however, is something I will present my opinion on: IT STINKS. I'm actually completely lost in trying to decipher the author's point. All I got from it was: We need to change something. Okay. Great. I don't totally disagree with that. But give me a little substance. I'm not sure he understands the workings of MLB's regulatory structure either, and stretching it like this isn't helpful to understand anything. Perhaps he's suggesting insurance companies should look to gain antitrust exemption and territorial rights? Create barriers to entry? I think Dr. Lee missed the ball on this one.

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