Monday, September 28, 2009

Brief on American Needle vs. NFL

Over at The Sports Economist, Brad Humphreys has a link to an amicus curiae brief by a number of highly regarded Sports Economists including Roger Noll, Andrew Zimbalist, and Rod Fort. All this law lingo messes with my head, so I had to look up what amicus curiae was (thank you Wikipedia). Anyway, it's a private/independent brief that highlights a lot of significant research in the field regarding antitrust and league structure in sport. If you've ever been interested in why there are salary caps, luxury taxes, revenue sharing, league level licensing, and so on, it's a good advanced introduction to these topics. Be forewarned that knowing who Coase is and a very basic understanding of microeconomic theory or policy will help with the reading.

I see a lot of debate by 'message-boarders' over these topics at ESPN, CBS, and other sites without much real understanding of what they're talking about. The discussion pretty much goes nowhere. I generally get annoyed at the misunderstanding of league policies and people pretending to know what they're talking about with such assured arrogance. If you have an opinion, present it as such. Don't act like everything you say is a fact. At this point, I ignore those discussions. If there's one thing I've learned in graduate school, it's that I don't know a damned thing and I try my best not to present myself in a pompous way. If those people annoy you as well, then I'd suggest checking out the brief. It's very informative. The brief is here.

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