Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Favorite Player

Some guys like to root for knuckleballers, others like flamethrowing strikeout kings. I was always partial to the pitchers with brains. As a player, I learned early how to hit my spots and change speeds. I always prided myself in my ability to outsmart the other guy. Growing up and to this day, Greg Maddux was always my favorite pitcher. There's not a single one that comes close to him. Brian Bannister is known as a statistics-oriented pitcher, but he's not Greg Maddux.

Well. I think I found a new guy to root for. I have to tip my hat to JC Bradbury at Sabernomics (through his Facebook status) for this (with a secondary hat tip to Joe Posnanski). Kansas city Royals Triple-A pitcher "Disco" Hayes gets professional batters out with a fastball that tops out at 78 mph. And he's been doing it in the closer role of all places! Here's the article by Joe Posnanski. As someone who never threw quite hard enough to impress people, I love this stuff.

Please, Kansas City, let him play in the majors. What have you got to lose?

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