Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Future of Analysis

While I get somewhat bored with Pitch F/X and Fielding Metric articles, something I saw this morning (written yesterday by THT's Pat Andriola--this is a 'link to a link') got me pretty excited. Once this technology really starts to make its place in the world of analysis, I'll probably get into it. Hopefully not too much that I forget I have other things to do. I'm glad they didn't have this when I played in college...my team would have likely had the worst range in college baseball. Fortunately for us, NCAA computed Fielding Percentage, and we finished 13th in all of Division III in 2004. It was really easy to accomplish: just let any balls to the left or right go to the outfield and the pitchers will just have to 'deal' with thier ERA.

(SIDE NOTE: I hope all my old friends on the St. Mary's College ball team can have fun with these comments. I don't think we have anyone too sensitive. We also were #2 in defensive GDPs per game. That just means us pitchers let way to many runners on first base.)

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