Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Delaware Sports Betting

Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled that sports betting in Delaware is illegal. My question is: Why? It makes no sense to me. Sports betting has such implications on interest in sports AND the state/federal government can tax it. There is an ENORMOUS amount of illegal sports betting going on. Hell, Fantasy Sports is technically gambling! If the government simply made it legal--along with, say, marijuana--they could probably fund social healthcare on those revenues alone (don't hold me to that). But it's apparently my job to fund the lifelong smoker's lung cancer because that is being "morally" right. Bah.

I can say 100% I would not pay attention to March Madness unless I filled out a bracket. And I'm terrible at it. I can't imagine how interested I would be if I knew what I were talking about when it comes to basketball. Unfortunately, the actual sport itself does not entertain me in the least (with exceptions for LeBron James and Michael Jordan).

I had a lot to say about this topic, but given the recent lengthy posts, I'm not going to. I'm going to toss it up to one of my favorite blogs, The Sports Economist, since they beat me to the punch in the first place. I've got to say I didn't even think about the incentives the NCAA has against the betting: low-to-no wages. Humphreys is much funnier than I am anyway, and I recommend checking out the blog.

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